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Updated 09/22/08

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You have waited patiently...and NOW your wait is through!
DrNoose & Jambone's
and perhaps best


DrNoose & Jambone Stick A Fork In It.....

The end result of years of hard work, "Stick A Fork In It" finally is a fully realized work of art that could only have come from two of the most unusual musicians on the scene today. Recorded in their new studio, and using every musical weapon in their arsenal, SAFII takes the boys to a whole new plane. From protest songs to punk rock, it is the complete musical experience. Order it now! Check it out here!


Sink Or Swim

DrNoose & Jambone Sink Or Swim

A new day has dawned in music. Period. Not since the "Get Angry" album has the world seen such an album. Even while blazing new pop trails with such songs as "Drive It Or Park It Lady",  "The Amphicar Song", and "Hermit Crabs,  the boys have remembered their roots with such tunes as "Rave On", "Bring Back Howdy Doody", and "Living Next Door To Alice". Order now, and while you are waiting for the CD to arrive, check out some sample tracks at and Check it out here!!.

Get Angry

DrNoose & Jambone Get Angry

Yes, the new album is COMPLETE!! DrNoose & Jambone GET ANGRY!! "Get Angry" is a even more of the great sounds that you have come to expect from DrN & JB. From the rocking "The Angry Song" and "Do You Wanna Dance" to the light-hearted kids classic "Little Fuzzy Penguins", this album has it all!! Check it out here!!.

Do It To The Optigan

DrNoose & Jambone Do It To The Optigan!

DrNoose & Jambone Do It To The Optigan!

"Do It To The Optigan"  is an eclectic melange of rock 'n roll, showtunes, and DrNoose & Jambone originals all based on that most famous of instruments...The Optigan! Highlights of the album include "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Diamond Dan", and, of course. the famous "The Bunny In Odessa Texas Song". Check it out here!