Stick A Fork In It...

DrNoose & Jambone
Stick A Fork In It....
BIOT Records And Tapes (BIOT-006)

1. I Wanna Be Sedated
2. Road Toad
3. Muchas Smuchas From The Conquistador
4. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
5. Pointed Sticks
6. Ain't Ya Looking Snazzy
7. We'll Sing In the Sunshine
8. Okie From Muscogee

road rock cover

The end result of years of hard work, "Stick A Fork In It" finally is a fully realized work of art that could only have come from two of the most unusual musicians on the scene today. Recorded in their new studio, and using every musical weapon in their arsenal, SAFII takes the boys to a whole new plane. From protest songs to punk rock, it is the complete musical experience.  To hear samples of some of the songs, just click on some of the underlined song titles above. Or, check us out on the Kazaa network (Grokster)! You can find us at WWW.GARAGEBAND.COM as well.  Search for the song titles above, or DrNoose and Jambone as the artists. OR, to order this album (available on 8-Track Tape, CD, or Cassette), just go here!

On-Liner Notes

I Wanna Be Sedated - Showing the Ramones how it was MEANT to be done! Of course, now that most of them are dead, it is a little late for lessons.

Road Toad -  Pity the poor road toad. Once crushed, it takes forever for them to rot. In the meantime, I see them everytime I go for a walk.

Muchas Smuchas - I always liked this line from Calvin and Hobbes. Made a pretty catchy tune too!

Pointed Sticks - Our homage to Monty Python. This song ROCKS!

Ain't Ya Looking Snazzy - We really wanted this one to capture a lounge lizard sound. Dunno if we succeeded or not, but enjoy!

We'll sing In The Sunshine - Making its first appearance anywhere...the ELECTRO-UKE. Funky...with a side order of hippy.

Okie From Muscogee - Closing out the album...taking country and grunging it up all over the place. Is that Merle I hear rolling over in his grave? No, not yet?