Sink Or Swim

DrNoose & Jambone
Sink Or Swim
BIOT Records And Tapes (BIOT-004)

1. Hermit Crabs
2. Bring Back Howdy Doody
3. Rave On
4. The Amphicar Song
5. Sabe - Part 1
6. Drive It Or Park It Lady
7. Living Next Door To Alice 
8. Holly Jolly Christmas

road rock cover

How do you top a classic? It is very difficult, but the two lads from North Texas have done it! Sink Or Swim proves that lightning can strike in the same spot over and over again! Jambone and DrNoose rock the house! Again!  To hear samples of some of the songs, just click on some of the underlined song titles above. Or, check us out on the Kazaa network (Grokster)!  Search for the song titles above, or DrNoose and Jambone as the artists. OR, to order this album (available on 8-Track Tape, CD, or Cassette), just go here!

On-Liner Notes

Hermit Crabs - This song came about from the DrN kiddos (heard on all three albums) wanting to purchase some hermit crabs at the mall. Nasty little critters. This reminded DrN of the old National Lampoon cartoon where the guy says "I killed your cat. Squashed it flat. What do you think of that?"

Bring Back Howdy Doody -  What can we say? A classic bubble gum song from the late sixties that has languished in obscurity. Until NOW!

Rave On - This one was Jambone's idea. A good one too. Forty years on, and the song still rocks!

The Amphicar Song - Pictured on the album cover is the first launch of DrNoose's amphicar after it sat in pieces for 20 years. He was so moved, he composed this song.

Sabe  Part 1 - Twenty + years ago, DrN was working for the GSA in Fort Worth Texas. He met a great guy by the name of Robert Olmos.  He taught me this sacred word. I am pretty sure it meant something else though!

Drive It Or Park It Lady - To all the fine ladies careening around the highways and byways with the cellphone glued to your heads...this one is for you!

Living Next Door To Alice - This song, first done by Smokie back in the Seventies, was crying out for a heavier treatment. And, here it is!

Holly Jolly Christmas - The seasonal perennial. We did this for all you Christmas lovers out there!

Drn & J