Get Angry

DrNoose & Jambone
Get Angry
BIOT Records And Tapes (BIOT-003)

1. Poseurs Drive Miatas
2. Little Fuzzy Penguins
3. Do You Wanna Dance 
4. Toxic Moxie
5. I'd Rather Be Dead 
6. Simon Says 
7. Sing Lee, China Boy 
8. The Angry Song (recorded live in Pascoag, RI)

road rock cover

A most worthy follow-up to the hugely successful "Do It To The Optigan", "Get Angry" takes the basic DrN&J sound, and takes it even further. From Pop to Rock to everything in-between, this album has it all. With DrNoose on the Optigan (and other keyboards), and Jambone on the guitar, this is a rare and different sound! To hear samples of some of the songs, just click on some of the underlined song titles above. Or, check us out on the Kazaa network (Grokster)!  Search for the song titles above, or DrNoose and Jambone as the artists. OR, to order this album (available on 8-Track Tape, CD, or Cassette), just go here!